Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Best price!

Y'all know I don't like paying full price for ANYTHING!  I feel like I've been cheated if I do.  Ehhhh!  What if I forget my coupons?  What if I only link a certain brand?  Here are a few tips to help you along with way even if you are picky, not organized, or already know all the tricks.
* Rebates - Keep in mind if you don't get them in on time, or don't have the UPC or the receipt you won't earn anything.
* If you are already in the store glance at the circular near the storefront.  Sometimes there are coupons and least you will know what the sales are.
* Sometimes there are coupons ON the product itself.  Be sure to remove it and hand it to the cashier because many times they don't bother to.
* Check for mobile coupons on the store website before you go in.  They'll scan your phone at the register.
* Use those loyalty cards.

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