Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I despise paying fees!  Any fees actually!  Here are a few ways to avoid them at the bank:
- Some banks will charge a fee if you close an account you haven't had long.  Be sure to check the policy of your bank.
- Use your own bank's ATM instead out of network if possible. 
- Review your statement to see if any new fees have been added and see if they are mandatory.
- Use an e-bank that offers free checking and mobile depositing.
- Be sure to read all correspondence from your bank as they are required to notify you of any new fees.
- Keeping a minimum in your checking account or opening a savings account sometimes helps to avoid fees.
- If opening a new account make sure you do so with a small deposit and then transfer all drafts to the new account before closing the old one. 
- Transfer money from savings to checking to cover big expenses so you don't get caught in overdraft.
- Local banks and credit unions sometimes have lower minimums and fees. 

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