Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 11 - Declutter

We are covering two things today. 
How many of those cutesy little gift baskets did you get for Christmas?  They are full of lotions, creams, candles, scrubs, etc.  Pull out the stuff you will actually use.  Put it where it belongs.  Will you re-gift things?  Do you have an organized storage for re-gifting?  If you have empty baskets decide what you will do with those?  Trash?  Reuse?  Donate? 
The other item is candles.  I have half-burnt candles and brand new candles.  They are unorganized on a shelf.  Do you regularly burn candles?  Do you use them at all now that lots of ladies are using Scentsy?  Btw those melts are considered candles too.  Maybe use one of those cute little empty gift baskets and store the Scentsy melts.  Decide if you will burn the rest of your half-burned candles.  Organize everything else into one neat concise place. 

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