Monday, December 29, 2014

Moving on! Declutter Day 8!

Ok, we are heading to the bathroom today!  It will seem like a large project but it's not really.  I'm not talking drawers or hampers, or shelves.  I am ONLY talking the cabinet.  Spend five minutes taking every last thing out of it!  What's in there?  Towels, washcloths, Glade, lotions, fingernail polish remover, sponges, hairdryers, flat irons?  Get it out!  Dust off the shelves and then here we go!

Now.....First, go through them and decide if any need to be trashed.  That was easy.  If you are like me you have a ton of towels and washcloths on the bottom of the stack that you never use.  Why are you saving them?  Since maybe you trashed some you might actually use the ones on the bottom.  If you don't use them how about donating them to a clothes closet or thrift store? 

How many of those small appliances do you have?  I had three flat irons!  I use ONE.  When was the last time you used hot curlers?  The 70's?  Lol!  Donate! 

Check the dates on those lotions....Trash?  How many do you have sitting in there?  Did you get a bunch more Bath and Body Works for Christmas?  Get rid of the old!  Do you have 4 bottles of red nail polish?  I bet your niece would enjoy playing with three of them! 

Continue on trashing, donating, or keeping while you put the rest back in the cabinet!

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