Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Decluttering - Day 4

Moving on to the next thing!  For some this will be easy.  For some it won't!  It's the PURSE!

Many ladies switch purses a lot so they are constantly cleaning out.  Many carry the same one all the time and it includes the kitchen sink! 

Start by removing EVERY LAST THING!  Again, sort by what you need, what you use, what you don't use, what is trash!  Make good decisions when putting things back in (in an organized way). 

Do you really need four packs of gum and two antibacterial hand cleaner bottles?  One will do, right? 

Look at your keychain also.  Do you still use them all?  Do you know what they go to?

Some folks carry an address book.  Have a smart phone?  That's why it's smart!  Store that info. 

Christmas list, grocery list, ball practice schedules, dance schedules, passwords, packing list  Again.....Smartphone. 

Once you get the kitchen sink out you might can find things easier and it will weigh lots less! 

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