Monday, October 7, 2013

In the Kitchen!

Soooo I've been way slack lately with my site here.  I realllly need to get back to it because I promised you I would help you to save some $$$.  Here's what I've been up to!
I have literally taken every last item out of my pantry.  The shelves are now nice and clean.  I tossed junk that I know I won't use.  I grouped things together that belong together.  My hubby is trying his hand at beekeeping so we are always buying different kinds of honey to try.  I had FIVE different kinds!  I also had three canisters of oats and I don't recall ever using oats!  Arrgghhh!!!
I then replaced everything in a more logical order.  Baking stuff up top because I don't use it as much.  Next shelf was lunch and breakfast type items.  Third was things I would use in/as meals.  Bottom was spices, oils, large items, and snacks.
I moved on to my freezer and emptied and cleaned it!  Then I TOSSED stuff again.  Now I know what sort of meats and veggies and other junk are in there!  I grouped veggies on the top shelf, meats on the next one.  Frozen meals (Smart Ones) on the next and miscellaneous (ice cream, onion rings, etc.) on the last shelf.
My next step is to use what I have on hand.  That's where your $$$ saving comes in.  I have frozen shrimp that has been in there a while.  It is time for that to be eaten!  I plan to eat the oldest items first so they don't expire. 
I think knowing what you have on hand (instead of thinking you know) is half the battle.  Come up with ideas for things you've found and USE them.  I had four packets of taco seasoning.  I keep buying it because when I was in the store "I just wasn't sure" if we had any.  NOW I KNOW!  I was really amazed at all that I had forgotten that I have. 
Anyway use what you have...You might have to buy a little something to go with it but if you are creative you might not have to.  Hopefully you will make a few less trips to the grocery store. 
Let me know if you try it! 

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