Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Loyalty Cards

~ Find out exactly what your card does for you when you get one
~ Ask a store manager all the details or go online to read how it works
~ Keep up with the current ways to save in your favorite stores such as new BOGO's or deals on gas savings
~ If you don't have your card with you the cashier can look it up by your phone number
~ Find phone apps to store all your cards if you don't want to carry them around
~ Catalinas - the ones that print out at the register - are customized to your buying history based on your card swipe and sometimes are high value
~ Apps like Groupon are now offering savings if you use a loyalty card
~ Store loyalty is also rewarded with larger rewards and especially if you buy some items at the same store all the time
~ Be sure to load ecoupons to your loyalty card for even bigger savings
~ Make sure to register your card online at the grocer's website so you will get customized freebies and coupons in the mail

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