Monday, July 1, 2013

Donate (My mantra!)

~ Be an Extreme Donater instead of an Extreme Hoarder
~ Keep what you or your family needs until the next sale and donate the rest
~ Pick a charity in your area, ask what they need, and check back often
~ Soup kitchens are always in need of paper products
~ Visit your own shelves periodically to donate what you are not using
~ Newspaper, food, and litter are great to donate to animal shelters
~ Even if you don't use items that are free with coupons get them to donate
~ Check clearances and back-to-school deals for school supplies to donate to your local schools
~ Keep a bag or box near your pantry for your donations and when it is full deliver it
~ Snag toys when they are on sale or clearance
~ Back-to-school sales are also a great time to stock up on office supplies for shelters
~ Donate year round - not just at holidays
~ Clean out your clothes closet at the end of each season
~ Donate feminine products for schools to have on hand in the office
~ Baby food is in great demand at many food pantries
~ Bring home your shampoos, conditioners, and soaps when you travel to add to your donation pile

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