Monday, April 15, 2013

Policies, Policies, Policies

~ "Competitors" have now been cut back to a few stores nearby so stores are not accepting all competitors coupons
~ Ask who competitors are before you try to use coupons
~ Some stores are no longer stacking
~ If you use digital coupons make sure you are getting the most savings as sometimes you are not allowed to stack and must use the digital coupon that is loaded instead of the paper coupon
~ Overage is not allowed at many stores anymore
~ Wait for big sales to use those coupons to maximize the savings
~ Bring the policy with you to the store in case of discrepancy
~ Give the paper coupons to the cashier first to get the best deals before handing over the rewards card
~ Shop where you are going to get the most savings...not just where you are most comfortable
~ Some stores will not allow you to double/triple competitors coupons
~ Register online at your favorite store for ecoupons
~ Multiple transactions are becoming more scare so keep your coupons handy and stop in again if you are near by 

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