Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

~ Pick a room and follow below
~ Bring a trash bag to get rid of things
~ Fill a box with things to donate/give away
~ Relocate things that belong in another room
~ Fill a box with yard sale items
~ Group things together in each room; ie, books, dvd's, etc.
~ Decide how to store like items efficiently
~ Make sure every item has an "all the time" storage place and make sure from now on it goes back to that place
~ Clean up "catch all" areas regularly and designate ONE place for that
~ Instead of multiple remote controls use one
~ Review your displayed items and decide if they need to be replaced or removed
~ Use baskets for books and magazines after weeding out old ones
~ Keep counter tops available for appliances and food prep
~ Store baking dishes together; likewise cooking pots, plates, utensils
~ Have one area in the kitchen for nonkitchen activities like homework
~ Items that are rarely used should be stored elsewhere - sandwich maker, blender, fine China
~ Use caddies or baskets to store smaller items
~ If you read a lot you might have a shelf by your bed
~ Box up out of season items and store in the garage or basement or under the bed
~ Provide each person a caddie in the bathroom for deodorant, meds, contact lenses, etc.
~ Have a hook or space for each person to hang a robe or towel
~ Store like bathroom items together such as lotions, soaps, nail items
~ Have one drawer or cabinet space for blow dryers, curling irons, etc.
~ Stack washcloths and towels by size and fold them alike each time
~ Hang a second lower rod in your closet for extra space
~ Arrange clothes by color
~ Install a closet organizer
~ Ask your kids how they would like to store their things so they feel included and will be more likely to help out
~ Make sure your kids have a hamper and a trash can
~ Choose fun and colorful storage containers for the kids

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