Sunday, March 24, 2013

Other Ways to Save

~ Edit your own photos with online software such as Flickr, Picasa, and Facebook
~ Use online forums to troubleshoot your computer problems
~ Log on to shop at home instead of fighting crowds and get free shipping frequently
~ Store records online instead of filing cabinets
~ Use Google Images to get free stationery
~ Keep the tissue from stores, shoe boxes, and gift bags to use in your next gift
~ Visit Macy's and J. Crew for free Personal Shopping services
~ Check out excercise videos from the library to vary your workout
~ Google freebies to find free food on holidays
~ Join rewards programs at restaurants (Panera, DQ, etc.) to earn free food and goodies
~ Sign up for free cooking classes with William - Sonoma to learn new techniques and sample new dishes
~ Nibble your way through big box retailers for free samples
~ Pick up a guest pass from a buddy for gym access
~ Join Panera or Spotify for free online tunes
~ Register at Redbox for free movies or discounts

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