Sunday, March 24, 2013

A savings a day

~ Use dimmer switches in your home
~ Keep blinds closed in the summer
~ Turn off water and lights when not in use
~ Calculate if jumbo sizes are cheaper per ounce than regular sizes
~ Compare car insurers
~ Determine if you need something or if you just want it
~ Only use your car if you are going more than a mile to improve health and save gas
~ Get a free credit score once a year to clear up issues and up your credit score
~ Pay bills on time to avoid late fees
~ Have a family meeting to discuss ways to save
~ Schedule car maintenance for the year to avoid costly repairs
~ View your cart before you check out and ditch at least one of your impulse buys
~ Change the filters on your furnace
~ Sign up for the equal or average payment plan with your energy/gas provider
~ Make sure you have a free checking account with no minimum balance
~ Buy fresh food instead of processed
~ Use half the recommended amount of detergent
~ Carpool
~ Pick one day where your family spends nothing

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