Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meal Deals

~ Write down your family faves
~ Check fridge and pantry to see what is in stock
~ Check ads to see what is on sale or what you need to stockpile for later
~ Shop once a month to save more
~ Those quick trips cost you lots more
~ If you have a month's worth of meals and realize you don't have an ingredient you can usually swap something you do have for the item you are missing
~ Avoid going to the store for one missing item by borrowing from a neighbor
~ Cook in large batches so you have leftovers
~ Have your family to help you chop and package by telling them what needs to be done and then letting them decide which they'd like to do
~ Get out all containers and have them labeled for packaging and storing
~ Keep frozen items fresh by sealing tightly
~ Leave a little room in liquid storage containers for expansion
~  Do not leave room when packaging solids so you eliminate air that will dry out food

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