Monday, December 3, 2012


~ Christmas brings more stuff that will become clutter so let's get rid of some before we bring in more
~ Keep a plastic tub and a shredder beside your work space for recycling
~ You can do this a few minutes each day or as a big weekend project
~ Gather 4 boxes and a trash can to begin
~ Box One will collect things that are in the wrong place that need to be put away
~ Box Two will collect things you want to sell at a yard sale
~ Box Three will collect things you want to give away or donate
~ Box Four will collect things you want to store 
~  The trash can gets the rest
~ Put Box Three in the trunk of your car so that it can go where it needs to go fast
~ Take Box One around the house until things are where they need to be
~ Box Two can go in the garage until it is full enough to have a yard sale
~ Store Box Four in your storage area after writing on the box what is in it
~ Empty the trash because it's probably full

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