Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pharmacy tips!

~ Be sure to scan your card at the coupon kiosk (CVS) when you walk in
~ Kiosks are normally at the front of the store
~ Kiosk coupons sometimes are personalized based on your past items bought
~ Check the front of the store (Walgreen's) for a monthly coupon book
~ Walgreen's cashiers will usually just scan the coupon out of the book so you don't have to clip it
~ Be sure to check your favorite blogs for all the pharmacy deals for the week
~ Stack pharmacy coupons with manufacturer's coupons
~ Pay close attention that your rewards don't expire
~ Get what you don't need if it is free or you are going to make money off of it with coupons
~ Donate the free stuff if you don't use it
~ Get rainchecks if they are out of stock

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