Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting Organized - Post 1

Being organized is all up to you!  You will determine how much help you have or can get, how busy you are, and how you like to get things done.  It's all about the balance - details and the "not really important" stuff! 

I have realized that technology takes up lots of my time.  Ever sit down to "quickly" check Facebook and them BAM!!! an hour has gone by?  That is me!

 Most folks want to get something out of doing something.  If you don't benefit then you don't want to do it.  Organization must become a priority even if it is a few minutes a day.  Make it a habit. 

Setting goals is important.  Write them down.  Put them in a spreadsheet.  Store them on your technology (since you know you are going to end up there.)  Be detailed. 

Seeing goals in writing makes it more real.  When I make a list I will put everything from the major projects to the smallest things.  That way as you work on the small things because they are easy you still have the big things in your face.  Everytime. 

Make small goals to accomplish big goals.  Buy the paint one week.  Paint the porch another week. 

Keep in mind that one person's idea of organization is not the same as someone else's.  Just like I say when I'm teaching couponing.....a little is better than nothing! 

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