Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ways to save

~ Plan your meals
~ Leave one day for eating out
~ Become friends with the butcher so he lets you know before things go on sale
~ Plant a garden
~ Buy large portions of meat and freeze them
~ Share a deal with a friend if you don't need as many of a product as the deal is offering
~ Get cash out of the bank and use only that amount so that you stick to the budget
~ Create a spreadsheet of what your family regularly eats and search for coupons
~ Buy one or two extra when things go on sale
~ If you buy something you normally don't because it is on sale be sure to use it so your money is not wasted
~ Instead of pricey junk food make your own such as baked cookies, popcorn, or brownies
~ To avoid buying extra items only make one trip a week to the grocery store
~ Be sure your recipes are flexible so that you can utilize produce that you find on sale when you get to the store

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