Thursday, March 22, 2012

Credit Cards Rewards and Tips

Is your card the best it can be?  Here are some tips to make sure!

~ Compare interest rates
~ Find out if the rewards have a cap
~ Make sure you earn at least 1% of your spending
~ Find out if rewards expire and when
~ See if the card has an annual fee
~ Make sure you earn rewards that you will use (such as cash back or airline miles, etc.)
~ Be sure to actually use your rewards
~ Will you get a bonus if you sign up for the card?
~ Earn lots of rewards by using your card for everyday items and then pay off at the end of the month
~ Continue to use rebates, coupons, etc. so that you will save even more but continue to pay with your rewards card
~ Take advantage of businesses  and retailers that offer double and triple rewards
~ High interest negates rewards if you don't pay off your card monthly

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