Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Just had an urgent request that I thought I would share. 

Backpack Buddies is a program to provide food for school children who go without meals when free school lunches are unavailable.  Each Friday children are provided a backpack by their teacher filled with easy to prepare items.  On Monday they return the backpack.  Eligibility is determined by teachers and guidance counselors to determine who is most in need.  Not only does this program provide food but also hope and showing kids that someone cares.

This request was specific to my county but the program is sweeping the nation.  Please contact your school and give a little hope.  The following items are being needed:

~Chef Boyardee microwavable meals
~ Easy Mac macaroni and cheese meals
~ Ramen noodles
~ Fruit cups
~ Applesauce cups
~ Raisin boxes
~ Oatmeal
~ Grits
~ Pop-tarts
~ Cereal bars
~ Granola bars
~ Pudding cups
~ Jello cups
~ Crackers
~ Popcorn
~ Snack foods
~ Gallon sized Ziploc bags
~ Monetary donations are always welcome

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