Monday, November 21, 2011

Kids and $$$

~ Start teaching them early
~ Explain that you work for $$$ to pay for things you need
~ Have them keep a log of how many times they buy their favorite thing for one month so they can see the value of their $$$
~ Have kids point out what are needs and what are wants in your grocery cart so they see how much is really just "extras"
~ Before you shop let them know up front that you will only be buying what is on the list (Let them help you check off the list in the store)
~ Have them look for tearpad and blinkie coupons so they learn another way to save
~ Teach them how to bargain shop such as store brand aluminum foil is just as good as name brand
~ Give a small allowance for chores so they can begin managing their own $$$
~ Teach them to save for something they really want
~ Be sure to show them that when they save $$$ they might consider to donate some

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