Thursday, September 15, 2011

~ Stay on schedule, remove clutter, and clean easily
~ Pick one day to do laundry, another to clean bath and bedrooms, another for the kitchen
~ Use clear jars, such as pickle or spaghetti, to store small similar items like pencils or hairbows
~ Pick a room and put your hands on everything in it
~ Decide if you need to keep it, if it needs to be trashed, or if it should be donated
~ If you haven't touched or used it in a year trash it or donate it
~ Go through mail as it comes in
~ Sort by bills to pay, invitations, junk, and file
~ Recycle the junk
~Pick a bill pay / RSVP day to take care of those things
~ Pick a web-based calendar so that you can access it wherever you are to keep your family on track and avoid conflicts

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