Monday, May 2, 2011

Money Matters

~ Think twice about switching to low-cost insurers
~ Insurer loyalty is rewarded with discounts for avoiding accidents 
~ Insurers will most likely not drop you for small claims if you are loyal
~ Discounts are also given for having both car and home policies
~ Don't forget the small things when cutting your budget such as that daily cappucino
~ Don't eliminate all cappucinos but even a few of those $4.00 cups adds up
~ Don't charge on a low limit credit card because it looks maxed out which hurts your credit score
~ Paying yourself first is not always best especially when you are earning a small amount of interest
~ You could be paying more in high interest rates on credit cards than you are earning in a small amount of interest on a savings account
~ Pay off those high interest cards and then SAVE

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